Get Rich – 5 Sure-Fire Ways

Counting Money in a Bank
How Can You Accumulate Wealth?

Most of us dream of being wealthy. We spend months, years, and even decades trying to earn as much as possible while multiplying our savings. However, for many people, becoming rich may seem like a far-off dream that is as probable as winning the lottery.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




The truth is, building wealth isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be. You may think that your low-paying job, student loan, debts, and other financial obligations stand in the way of the big pot of gold you want to make yours, but that is far from the truth. You can start amassing wealth regardless of your age or situation.

While the road to great wealth is hardly easy or straight-forward, here are 5 sure-fire ways that will eventually make you rich.

Wealthy Man Sitting in a Private Jet
Wealth Can be Yours

1. Stop Procrastinating

Have you been eyeing the stocks of a company that’s been doing very well? Have you been thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies or property? What’s stopping you?

We tend to believe that there’s enough time to do the things we want to do. Unfortunately, this belief leads to procrastination, and the next thing we know, we’ve missed out on months or years of compounding interest, dividends, rents, and more.

The next time you want to make more or multiply your money, do a thorough analysis of the opportunity you’re about to get into and if you’re satisfied with it, act immediately. The longer you wait, the fewer advantages you have.

Man Sitting at a Desk Procrastinating
Don’t Think About It, Do It!

2. Invest in Yourself

While investing in property, stocks, and cryptocurrencies is a great way to make money, the best investment you can make is in yourself. Spend more of your resources educating yourself, honing your skills, and branching out to meet people who might help you achieve your goal. After all, being educated, experienced, skilled, and well-connected will help you land high-salaried jobs and profitable business opportunities, which, in turn, can better your finances.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




3. Track Your Expenses and Budget

Budgeting is a great way to manage finances. It helps you to keep track of your expenditure and gives you an idea of what to spend more on and where to cut down.

If you aren’t used to budgeting, you can start now! Start tracking your expenditure, no matter how small, starting from the day you get your salary up until the next payday. Once you do this, you’ll get an idea of how much you spend and what you spend it on in a month. Next, review your expenditure and see where you can cut down. Then set a realistic budget for food, transportation, entertainment, utilities, and other expenditures you have and make sure to spend within the limit you’ve set. You’ll be amazed by how much money you save!

Someone Calculating their Expenses
Budgeting is Essential

4. Earn More than You Spend

To become wealthy, you need to learn to save, no matter how small the amount is. In order to save money, your earnings should be higher than your expenditure. If you spend more than you earn, it’s probably time to evaluate your spending habits as this is not a sustainable way to live, let alone a realistic way to accumulate wealth.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




5. Take More Risks

When you’re young, you have fewer financial commitments than 10 or 15 years down the road, so take advantage of your youth! Invest in high-risk, high-payoff investment options. If you want to quit your 9-to-5 job and start a business venture that you think will be a success, go ahead!

Turning the Risk Level Up to Max
Turn the Risk Level Up

I’ve achieved successes that would not have been possible if I hadn’t taken calculated risks. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you see first-hand what risk-taking has to offer.

Are you ready to get rich?

-Andres Pira

About Andres Pira – philanthropist, real estate tycoon, author, speaker, and global citizen. Andres Pira enjoys living in Thailand where his journey began from Homeless to Billionaire.

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