Here’s How I Create a Harmonious and Productive Work Environment

Blue Horizon Developments, a property development company I founded, is a collective group of 16 companies with 3 offices in Phuket and more than 160 employees in total, many of whom have worked for the company for over 10 years. We have acquired a total of 21 recognized awards throughout the last 5 years and are one of the most decorated property developers in the region.

How did we get to where we are today? There are a few principles and value our organization follows in order to create a harmonious and productive work environment:

I encourage my employees to set goals.

Sitting with employees to discuss their goals has a substantial impact on results, both from a motivational perspective and from a performance perspective. One of my top agents started in our organization six years ago with no real goals or desires in life. He was eager to learn and adapted well to the lessons I offered. He ended up writing 92 goals that he wanted to accomplish and put into action. With this proven strategy, he had accomplished eighty-three of ninety-two goals in less than six years.

I celebrate success with my employees.

Whenever my sales team breaks a record or hits targets, we celebrate. In 2016, my sales team and I broke a long-lasting sales record we had been trying to break for almost two years, and upon that accomplishment, I invited the whole sales team to climb to the top of one of South East Asia’s highest active volcanos! Our spirits filled with joy, relief, and happiness. We bonded after that four-day extreme summit. We shared tents, sat around campfires, and shared stories

about ourselves. Our teams have become so caring and helpful toward each other, that they are surpassing previous records and revenues.

I use my teams to solve problems.

Whenever a problem arises, I pay close attention to how it happened and analyze the situation to see how to prevent it in the future. Most of the time I gather my executives in for a meeting, and I raise the problem we have encountered in production or any other part of the company. Having your employees participate in problem-solving encourages team building. They feel empowered and vital to be involved in some of the decision-making. Most of the time, new and brilliant ideas arise from problems or situations when we are discussing them together as a whole. We find better, quicker, and more productive ways of doing a specific task that created the problem in the first place.

I give my employees the opportunity to stay healthy and fit.

I encourage employees to stay healthy and train whenever they have a chance, and even hold morning meetings at the club to unite employees who work in other industries and companies. It’s a great way to get the motivation going across all companies. I often hand out free passes,

memberships, and exceptional promotions to get employees to start a routine of regular exercises. It’s all worth it. A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, but it also

changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.

We embrace giving.

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I’ve detailed more on how you can improve work culture and employee performance in my book

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