Inspired to Thrive and Not Just Survive

When we think of billionaires, successful business entrepreneurs, or inspirational leaders, we usually picture a man or woman with great achievements, confidence, and focus. We usually imagine them sitting in boardroom meetings, leading teams on new projects, and flying around the world. But what we don’t see is that they once had to work hard, sleep late, and push past distractions to get to that position. We don’t see the struggles, difficulties, and perseverance that they had to face. We usually see the tip of the iceberg and only take notice once they have already completed the hard work. 

Underneath the tip of each iceberg, there is an even bigger mountain, one that had to be concurred using discipline in order to thrive and not just survive. 

These men or women are not special, superiorly talented, or destined, they are normal people (just like you and me) that had the willpower to go and create a life that they dreamed of. They saw the value in what they had to offer and used discipline, dedication, and perseverance to achieve these goals. No amount of luck or talent can beat hard work and discipline, and very few things can stand in the way of a person that is on this path. 

“I was not always a wealthy real estate tycoon, I was once a man that had lost everything, homeless and sleeping on the beaches of Phuket. I had everything that I previously thought was important taken away from me and was left with nothing. I got knocked down hard by life and every single time I tried to stand up, I got knocked down again. I reached rock bottom. However – queue the rocky music – one day I finally got tired of being knocked down, tired of tasting dirt, I got up, looked life in the eye, left my old mindset, and never looked back. It was an act of great courage to get back up and to build a successful business from nothing, one step at a time.”

Sometimes rock bottom is the best place to build from. First and foremost, because there’s no way for you to go down further than rock bottom. Once you get tired of just surviving and realize that it is YOUR responsibility, then you gain power. The perspective of difficulty changes to the perspective of opportunity. The struggle becomes the lesson, the challenges the foundation, and it all gets fueled by a burning desire to go up and never look back again. A diamond is just a normal rock that is formed underneath great pressure. And secondly, once you are broken down and left with nothing, you are essentially empty. Which is a good thing. If your life is empty then it means that you have a lot of space for new things to come into your life. Difficult times sometimes create the strongest people. “It was during those times that I decided to thrive, not just to survive, but to go forward in a new direction.” 

“Learn what triggered the changes that led to my journey from homeless on the white, sandy beaches of Thailand to successful billionaire and world real estate tycoon running twenty companies.” 

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