The Fastest Way to Success is by Mimicking Competitors

Check Out Your Competitors, Mimic Them and Find Success
Achieve Success by Being Better than Your Competitors

No matter what industry you are in, there will always be a competitor who does many things better than you do. Being better is a stage of growth that comes with experience and brings success.

The real estate industry is a very competitive market because there are multiple competitors but only so many houses. To achieve success, you have to convince homeowners to sell their homes through you. Though it’s a challenging industry to get into, it’s not impossible. You have to learn to outshine your competitors, so prospective clients think of you first when they want to sell or develop a new property. The same applies to any business. Discover what will set you apart from your competitors, and make sure your company continues to thrive.

Identify Competitors' Successful Practices and Adapt Them
Mimic Competitors’ Successful Practices and Stand Apart

To outshine your competitors, you need first to mimic the practices that bring them success and then stand apart from them by adding on to or reinventing their proven ideas and making them unique to you.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




The more you know about your competitors, the better you can find success by improving on what they offer. Always be a step ahead of them, which will give you an edge. Study their websites, marketing materials, promotions, and offers. Most importantly, study their management and top employees so you can one day motivate them to work for you instead. Great people and great performers don’t just bring you the performance itself. I have learned how other businesses operate, their secrets, and their problems. I even discovered the very best success strategies of other organizations by learning from their best employees.

Find Competitors' Successful Practices and Adapt
Find What Brings Success to Competitors and Adapt

Mimicking others is one of my biggest secrets to success. When I want a particular type of success, or when I’m trying to finish one specific goal, I do the research and find the best people in that field, even if they are competitors. I look at what they have done, what has worked, and their principles. It’s like following a scientific formula, and it is how I’ve risen to the top so quickly and early in my life. I’ve just followed the same steps that have already been taken, adapting them to my situation and needs, and have found a lifetime of success in a short time.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




Start simple. Start small. Master the minor aspects before you try to become just like your models in only a few days. It’s easy to stop, to give up. The answers are out there. Real success is available to anyone who is willing to reach out and grab it.

-Andres Pira

About Andres Pira – philanthropist, real estate tycoon, author, speaker, and global citizen. Andres Pira enjoys living in Thailand, where his journey began from Homeless to Billionaire.

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