The Power of “I AM”

I AM is a Powerful Self-Affirmation
Self-Affirmations for Empowerment

Over the years, I’ve come to realize how powerful the words “I AM” are. In just two words and three letters, the phrase – when placed in front of adjectives we embody or wish to embody – has the ability to talk directly to our soul while connecting with our conscious and subconscious minds. This process of self-affirmation allowed me to become the master of my life.

Our minds are mostly subconscious machines when we consider all the things they have us do without conscious thought, like breathing and blinking, for instance. Daily affirmations are very important to keep our moods elevated and our subconscious programmed with the right thinking and behaviors we need to achieve our goals. They give us control over our minds and, therefore, control over our lives.

Positive Affirmations Help Us to Achieve Our Goals
With the Right Thinking, We Can Reach Our Goals

There are endless choices to center your affirmations on. I’ve limited mine to five to intensify my focus and get faster results. In fact, I even have them painted as inscriptions on the walls of my bedroom and living room.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




1. I AM Whole

I’m deeply grateful that I’m a whole person with no disability. Some people have physical disadvantages and some battle depression, anxiety, or have confidence issues. I remember experiencing these mental states all at once before. I was not whole then. However, I fought my demons and have become whole again. I choose to be conscious and grateful for this and acknowledge the fact that I have little to no right to complain or make excuses. If anything, I have to help others in need.

2. I AM Healthy

Nothing in this world can be of much pleasure if we’re sick or unhealthy. Exercising and following a nutritious diet are essential to being healthy, so they are two main focuses in my life. I’ve found that when I focus on my health, it becomes easier to concentrate on my other goals to success.

Healthy Eating is One of My Main Focuses
Exercise and Nutrition Are Essential to Health

3. I AM Happy

Telling myself that I’m happy when I’m happy is a fundamental key to my success and achievement. We should always be programming our minds to have a happy and positive outlook so we can enjoy what we do and have in life. Focusing on being happy makes us more productive, grateful, and open to new experiences.

4. I AM Wealthy

We first need to create the things we want in our minds before they can manifest in our physical world. Our mind needs to accept the concept of wealth, free from limiting beliefs and self-doubt. It’ll only be able to do so through constant repetition until our subconscious mind has taken it as being true with no restrictions. Our world has abundant wealth, and anyone can have a share of that abundance with the right state of mind to receive it.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




5. I AM Helpful

This statement has always been close to my heart. There is no greater feeling than helping others in need without expecting anything in return. We don’t need to know a person to help them, and there are always people in need everywhere. We just need to put in a little effort to find them.

I have chosen these five affirmations because they represent what is most important to me, and they are the characteristics I wish to keep throughout my whole life. I have kept myself motivated by continuously programming my mind, my soul, and my belief system, and by repeating these statements and forming this practice into habit and routine. Of course, I’ve had my ups and downs. Sometimes weeks can pass by without me practicing my affirmations, but I gently guide myself back into the practice.

Affirmations Help Us Program Our Minds to be Motivated
We Can Program Our Minds with Affirmations

What are your daily affirmations?

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




-Andres Pira

About Andres Pira – philanthropist, real estate tycoon, author, speaker, and global citizen. Andres Pira enjoys living in Thailand where his journey began from Homeless to Billionaire.

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