Celebrity Video Testimonials

Here are some awesome celebrity video testimonials we’ve received for Homeless to Billionaire:

Snoop Dogg

Thank you, Snoop Dogg, for this amazing shout-out! It’s truly an honor and a blessing to be recognized by one of my all-time favorite artists. 

Thank you for taking the time to give me credit. 

I’m deeply grateful for all your kind words!

Wesley Snipes

Mr Blade! Wesley Snipes!! 

Thanks for the awesome shout-out. 

Stay tuned!  

Sean Kingston

Thank you to my man, Sean Kingston for the shout-out. 

I’m so happy you’re feeling my vibes. 


Another shout-out from one of my favorite artists! 

Thank you Ne-Yo for your kind words. 

It makes me very happy to know I’m an inspiration. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt

You are awesome! 

A huge thank you, Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

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