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Testimony For Andres Pira’s Book – Homeless to Billionaire

Here are some awesome celebrity testimonials we’ve received for the book from Andres Pira – Homeless to Billionaire.

Wesley Snipes

“Release. One love! This is a shout-out to my man, Andres Pira. My man. Heard about your whole journey, even about being homeless and becoming a successful real estate mogul, that’s the way to do it, man. That’s what it’s all about, tenacity, perseverance and never giving up — going from ashy to classy, homeless to happy. We’re proud of you, keep moving forward. Never ever, ever stop and remember the Sun is always shining above the clouds. And the forecast for today; clear skies. Easy man. Later. Day-walker click.”

Snoop Dogg

“Shout-out to the man from Thailand! My boy, Andres. He’s got a real story y’all going from nothing to a billionaire. I wanna give you congratulations on never giving up and going on to build your own real-estate empire and your passion of helping other people. The empowerment of others that’s so big my brother! One Love!”

Sean Kingston

“This is how Thailand is treating you man, heard about your life-changing story. I’m feeling your vibes man. Take your last hit on to become successful. Take your habits and discipline man. My own success principle is to keep up the great work. Alright Andres, blessed, out”.


“Andres, what’s going on man? This is Ne-Yo. Hey, listen — I just wanted to take this time to say how much of an inspiration you are brother, like for real, for real. I heard how you went from being homeless to becoming a billionaire, how you traveling the world, doing it right. You know what I’m saying, that’s what I’m talking about. I just want to say best of luck on everything that you got going on. Keep being successful and keep being an inspiration to everybody brother. It’s Ne-Yo, peace, and love.”

Lisa Winston's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Lisa Winston

Author of Your Turning Point, Co-host of The Mindset Reset Show.

“You will be inspired by his immense courage and commitment”

Joseph Sugarman's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Joseph Sugarman

Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation.

“I strongly recommend this book if you want to learn eighteen valuable techniques that theoretically could end up making you millions”

Jennifer Love Hewitt

“Hi Andres! This is Jennifer Love Hewitt. I just wanted to say congrats on your success. Your homeless to billionaire story is really inspiring and it’s great that you’re on a journey to show that anyone can become anything once they set their mind to it. Keep up the nothing is impossible attitude and lots and lots of love and blessings.”

Jeanna Gabellini's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Jeanna Gabellini

Author of 10-Minute Money Makers.

“This book is a massive dose of inspiration mixed with practical steps”

Ike Allen's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Ike Allen

Spiritual Director of Enlightenment Village.

“If you’re ready to take your success to the next level, this book is a must-read”

Gay Hendricks' Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Gay Hendricks

Author of The Big Leap, Founder of The Hendricks Institute, Psychologist.

“It’s a valuable work on wealth-creation that also reads like a thrilling adventure story”

Deborah Torres Patel's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Deborah Torres Patel

Author of Speak Like Superstar, and International Hall of Fame speaker.

“Homeless to Billionaire is packed with powerful principles to be a positive force for good in the world”

Debbie Allen's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Debbie Allen

Author of The Highly Paid Expert & Success is EASY, and International speaker.

“This book shares an inspiring, miraculous story that’s a must-read”

Christy Whitman's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Christy Whitman

New York Times best-selling author, founder of QSCA, and certified Law of Attraction coach.

“An inspiring book that works! It will live among the classics!”

Bob Proctor's Homeless to Billionaire book testimonial.

Bob Proctor

International Best-Selling Author and Law of Attraction coach.

“People who want proof that your mind can create reality need to read this inspiring book”

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