A Call for Unification

Let’s join forces and make Phuket a better place for all of us… An exclusive interview with Andres Pira, CEO of Blue Horizon Thailand – one of Phuket’s leading Real Estate Developers.

Andres Pira, CEO of Blue Horizon Thailand.

The Current Real Estate Market in Phuket.

How do you see the current real estate market in Phuket and what do you expect from the future?

These are challenging times, not only for the real estate business in Phuket but also for other sectors. The competition in real estate is tough and unfortunately it is quite hostile. In the hospitality industry for example, multiple associations bring hotel owners and operators together to work on destination marketing, educational and environmental programs while at the same time being competitors. In the real estate industry in Phuket, this does not exist. Negativity is spread and some real estate companies and desperate agents are trying to ruin the reputation of others in unethical ways. Some stop nothing short of defaming the competition, thinking they help themselves. But they are wrong. Potential investors get confused and lose confidence to invest in Phuket. Defamation is seriously damaging the real estate market and the reputation of Phuket as a lucrative and safe investment haven.

Having said that, Blue Horizon has a positive vision of the future. In the long term, the world economy will continue to grow and more and more people will have the financial means and the desire to invest into lifestyle property abroad.

The Local Real Estate Market.

How can the local real estate market and the competitive conditions be improved?

Real estate developers should reach out to each other and join forces instead of working against each other. We are not only all in the same boat but real estate has a huge impact on the environment and many other aspects of Phuket as a destination. We should therefore work together and with the local government on Phuket’s future. Long-term sustainable strategies on energy resources, water treatment, waste management, transportation, zoning and education among others are crucial for Phuket to be recognised as one of the best and most unique holiday and investment destinations in the world. By joining forces and working together in a fair and competitive environment, we can make Phuket a better place for all of us.

Blue Horizon Thailand’s Highlights in 2019.

What were Blue Horizon Thailand’s highlights in 2019 and what are the plans for 2020?

In 2019, we completed various of our smaller real estate projects. The highlight was of course the opening of our first internationally branded hotel, Best Western Plus The Beachfront in Rawai. After the soft opening in July, the property has been fully completed on time for the current high season and we are enjoying above-average business levels since late 2019. 2020 is going to be exciting with the continuing construction of two more branded hotels on the Millionaires’ Mile in Kamala and a few more new projects in the pipeline, which will be announced soon.

About Blue Horizon Thailand

Blue Horizon Thailand is a highly decorated real estate developer that has over 15 years of experience in project planning and construction including institutional, industrial, educational and residential facilities in Phuket. Blue Horizon also works closely with some of the world’s largest international Hotel chains on Hospitality projects. Whether a project is large or small, Blue Horizon has the expertise to ensure high-quality construction and excellent client satisfaction.

Andres Pira
Blue Horizon Thailand

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