Тренируйтесь регулярно - Это важно, и вы это знаете!

Тренируйтесь регулярно

From former President of the United States Barack Obama to Apple CEO Tim Cook, one trait many successful people share is that they exercise regularly. They believe that working out is pertinent to their respective successes. They incorporate it into their daily schedules alongside essential business meetings. I’m 110% in agreement with them!

Man Running on the Roadside as Part of His Regular Exercise
Man Running as Part of Regular Exercise

I love keeping myself active. I’m always up for climbing the meanest mountains, skydiving, or taking on any mentally or physically challenging adventure. For me, the adrenaline rush I get from such intense experiences is far better than a thousand days of peace.

If you understood the way I feel after a vigorous gym session, you would also wake up at dawn every morning to ensure your body and mind get the refreshment they need.

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Регулярные упражнения избавляют нас от стресса и беспокойства

Наряду со многими очевидными преимуществами для здоровья, физические упражнения являются отличным способом снять стресс и беспокойство. Это улучшает кровообращение и доставку кислорода в наш мозг, что в свою очередь увеличивает производство эндорфинов.

Endorphins are happy hormones that are responsible for the good feelings we experience after a workout. They also cause the “runners’ high” many athletes describe. This is a feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and the lessened ability to feel pain. If you thought exercising causes tiredness and exhaustion, you thought wrong! It does the exact opposite. It helps clear our minds and increases our energy levels, allowing us to accomplish what we set out to do.

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Регулярные упражнения прибавляют нам уверенности

When we run that extra mile or hold that plank for longer, we train ourselves to surpass previously set limits. Our confidence levels get a boost as we sharpen our bodies and minds into believing we can accomplish anything we want.

Lady Running on a Hill as Part of Her Regular Exercise
Lady Running Hills as Part of Regular Exercise

This mindset reflects on other areas of our personal and professional lives. We begin to set bigger goals for ourselves and strive to fulfill them, no matter what it takes. Eventually, we find ourselves doing things we would have once thought far-fetched. Our former selves might have imagined that running a 10-km race was almost impossible, but, later, this becomes easily achievable.

Регулярные упражнения помогают нам быть целеустремленными

When we exercise, we often do so with an aim in mind. We might want to reduce our body fat percentage, or perhaps tone our muscles. Whatever it is, when we stick to a regular exercise routine, we will see results and changes in our physique. Our progress prompts us to raise the bar we’ve set for ourselves and put more time and effort into exercise.

Тренировки развивают жажду роста и со временем создают импульс, который помогает нам двигаться вперед.

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As someone who suffered from depression for many years, I have seen firsthand the remarkable positive, mood-regulating effects of regular exercise. The fitter I am, the stronger my mental acuity and outlook are. There is no doubt that activity is incredibly powerful for both the mind and body.

We’re awake for at least sixteen hours every day. Spending just 30 minutes to one hour exercising is the most important thing we do all day!

- Андрес Пира

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