How To Become Prosperous? Even During A Recession?

Recessions are hard…Let’s get real about this. Recessions suck and they cripple businesses, housing markets, pensioners, and investors. The feelings of helplessness and the fear of losing everything are both toxic to our health, our emotional state, our happiness, and our financial future. So how do we thrive и not just survive in these difficult times?

As we mentioned in our previous blog on our company website here, there are more millionaires made during recessions than during any other so-called prosperous times. The people that innovate, that evolve, and grow with their circumstances are the ones that achieve prosperity during these times.

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Fear and the helpless feelings that are going around these days are dangerous to our emotional, financial, and physical health. Did you know that being even in a state of very little fear for longer than a few hours raises your blood pressure and heart rate? That’s right! Even something as silly as worrying about a traffic jam is bad for your health. And fear also has a direct impact on our emotional state as well, it literally robs us of our happiness. And then there’s what it does to your conscious mind and your focus which it also conveniently hijacks and then takes you and ego joyride down a very bad path. Fear is a defense mechanism that helps us survive, but it’s only needed for short-term bursts, like when a hungry lion starts chasing you down then it would be wise to freak out and run! Fear is not meant for the long run and it is not healthy if we stay in that state for a long time. So can you then imagine a worldwide pandemic? Social media going crazy every day and media blasting out warnings to stay safe and stay inside. All of this sparking more and more waves of fear amongst society? 

This current recession and worldwide pandemic have put us into a very long and unhealthy state of fear along with feelings of helplessness. The first step to becoming prosperous during a recession is to beat the fear, face your inner demons and get yourself aligned to a happier lifestyle. As much as we would like to blame other people or circumstances for our situations, we simply won’t get anywhere. Blaming isn’t going to fix anything and no one else is.. That responsibility lies in your hands. Don’t sit and wait for the figurative golden doorway to appear with your road map on it. Go out and make a doorway of your own, pave your own path and create your own life. 

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Even in the darkest of financial circumstances, the opportunity presents itself. Make yourself rich in happiness, rich in health, rich in relationships, and rich in your finances and you will make it through anything thriving and not just surviving. 

Tony Robbins is a global inspirational leader that also once faced diminishing odds and difficult times to create financial freedom and happiness in life. His famous book has helped a lot of people and inspired the lives of many that are looking to enhance all areas of their life. “7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom” is wonderful because it breaks down what you can actually do to achieve these goals set out by the book, we highly recommend reading it.

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