Магнат недвижимости Андрес Пира - невыразимое путешествие

Невыразимое Путешествие

Андрес Пира, магнат недвижимости и генеральный директор компании Blue Horizon Developments, сфокусирован на расширении своей группы компаний из Пхукета в новые места. Впервые были выявлены новые направления развития: Бангкок, Самуи и Краби.

Andres initially joined the property business after landing a job as a marketing executive handing out brochures for a real estate developer. In just three years, he attracted several investors who believed in his vision and ambitions. Consequently, this led him to the first investor-funded property development in Blue Horizon Developments.

Отмеченный наградами застройщик и магнат недвижимости

Andres Pira - Award-Winning Real Estate Tycoon
Андрес Пира - Отмеченный наградами застройщик недвижимости

В следствие тяжелой работы, Андрес стал магнатом недвижимости, а затем последовали награды и признания. followed. In 2017, Phuket-based Blue Horizon Developments won awards in the following categories at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2017-2018:

  • Строительство и дизайн новых отелей
  • Лучший застройщик Таиланда 2017-2018

The company’s Grand Himalai Project also won a further 3 awards from Thailand Property and Dot Property Group:

  • Лучший застройщик
  • Лучшая застройка смешанного назначения
  • Лучший кондоминиум среднего уровня на Пхукете
Андрес Пира: От Бездомного до  Миллиардера




Аналогичным образом успех продолжился и в 2018 году. Компания Blue Horizon Developments получила дальнейшее признание от DOT Property Awards и International Property Awards:

  • Лучший многофункциональный проект Пхукета 2018 - Grand Himalai
  • Лучший застройщик Пхукета 2018
  • Лучший инвестиционный проект Пхукета 2018 - Grand Himalai
  • Best International New Hotel Construction & Design 2018-2019 – Grand Himalai Oceanfront Residences (International Property Awards)

Получить успех

Andres grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and had no real plans for the future. Certainly, he never imagined he would become a real estate tycoon. The sudden death of his grandfather left him with a small inheritance. He bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. With no money, no contacts, jobs, or knowledge of the Thai language, Andres was sleeping his life away on the beaches of Phuket. He had reached rock bottom but was too humble to ask his family for help. Finally, he called a friend to borrow money.

“I won’t give you any money, but I’ve got a book that might help you,” said his friend. It was called “The Secret: The Law of Attraction”. Andres begrudgingly read the book. The very next day he set out to disprove this “law of attraction” that he’d learned about.

Andres Pira - Visualizing Success Quote
Формирование вашей реальности требует полной детальной визуализации вашего будущего

As a result, the opposite happened. Andres discovered how visualization works and learned to bring into effect amazing success by harnessing the power of positive thinking. By being disciplined and practicing these principles, Andres completely transformed his life to become the real estate tycoon he is today.

Due to this and his desire to give back, Andres now travels the world mentoring people on his life-changing wealth attraction principles and how to create unlimited opportunities. Andres also designed and organized Success Events: The Missing Secret to Success, a two-day motivational-speaking series, held in Thailand in December 2018.

Андрес Пира: От Бездомного до  Миллиардера

Андрес Пира

От Бездомного до Миллиардера


Магнат Недвижимости,Предприниматель, Автор и Тренер

Finally, Andres is now launching his first book, “От Бездомного до Миллиардера.” Authored by Andres Pira, along with Dr. Joe Vitale, this book provides advice and insights on giving freely to activate positive vibrations, tackling success and failure, and why passion and joy are the keys to success. You’ll also learn how to be a calculated risk taker, and as a result, how to convert problems into opportunities. Andres spent years studying the habits, techniques, and mindsets of the wealthiest people before applying it to himself. If Andres can do it, you can too!

- Андрес Пира

Об Андресе Пира – филантроп, магнат недвижимости, автор, оратор и гражданин мира. Андрес Пира наслаждается жизнью в Таиланде, где начался его путь От Бездомного до Миллиардера.

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