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Ep. 111 – Andres Pira- Homeless to Billionaire: “Make sure you have a source where you get your leads and customers because, from there, everything will be developed.”

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16 years ago, Andres was homeless, sleeping on the beaches of Thailand, starving, frustrated an d angry at his situation. When he reached out to the last of his friends he hadn’t already begged for money from, his friend responded by giving him something that would prove to be much more valuable -a book called The Secret.

Though it did not happen overnight, today he runs over 19 companies, employs over 200 people, and is one of the largest real estate developer in Thailand. He has only just begun his journey and continues to apply the lessons he learned in The Secret, only to see more prominent and significant results.

Andres has narrowed down the 18 principles he uses to achieve success, which are now laid out in his book, Homeless to Billionaire.

074: High School Drop Out to Billionaire with Andres Pira
Leveling Up: Creating Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill

Dropping out of school at 14 in Switzerland, Andres lived a life on the streets flooded with gangs, alcohol and fighting. By 20, he had collected several near-death experiences and decide to leave and start over on the beaches of Phuket. He quickly became homeless living on the beaches with one bag and two towels. Embarrassed to ask his parents for help, he asked friends for money to get back on his feet, but none could help; except one.

A FRIEND, that friend, sent a book instead of money. It was THIS book that start Andres incredible journey…

At 30, Andres made his first million in real estate; going on to reach his first billion in Thailand by 35.

Join in TODAY and learn exactly how ANDRES PIRA leveled up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING!

In this episode, you will learn:

How you’re able to cope with rock bottom Why its not just a book but consistent action that can change your life The fact that our reality is created from inside of ourself

How to Prove the Law of Attraction in Business & Life w/Andres Pira (CEO Blue Horizon Developments)
Hustle Sold Separately

Wanna know how to visualize your next steps and focus on them one at a time on the way to your success? Matt @mattgottesman sits down with Andres Pira (CEO of Blue Horizon Developments) to talk about going from homeless to millionaire/billionaire, how to take your first steps, visualizing and then moving in an energetic state to make things happen, proving how the law of attraction works, creating with the universe, changing from a state of desperation into a state of movement and creation, going through all the steps to understand every aspect of business, hiring employees and having them do the same and more…

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How Andres Pira went from homeless at 20 to $1.8 billion empire by 35 – EMP079
Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

Andres Pira is the founder of 20+ companies, including gyms, law offices, gas stations, coffee shops and a property portfolio.

He went from homeless at 20 to building an empire worth $1.8 billion by the age of 35.

In this interview, we discuss:

-How he moved from Sweden to Thailand and found himself in a tough financial situation

-How the book “The Secret” changed his life

-Raising the bar and creating new goals constantly

-and more

Homeless to Billionaire with Andres Pira
Build A Bigger Life

From being homeless on Thailand’s beach at 20, to becoming a millionaire at 30, Andres Pira became a real estate tycoon at 36 in one of the world’s favorite destination; Phuket, Thailand. The Swedish billionaire entrepreneur Andres Pira is a prominent figure within the Southern Thailand community; through his residency and Blue Horizon Developments, a business empire of 19 companies with 249 employees and growing.

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