В видео События Успеха, Недостающий Секрет Успеха, генеральный директор компании Blue Horizon Thailand, Андрес Пира рассказывает нам о его секретах успеха.  

Андрес делится тем, как он прошел путь от бездомного на пляжах Таиланда до успешного застройщика, предпринимателя и бизнес-магната с 20 компаниями и более 250 сотрудниками.

Andres tells us about how mindset is the key to controlling our thoughts and emotions and that ordinary people can achieve whatever they want when they apply the same principles as he did.

Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale; Andres’ mentors, take to the stage to share some of the ideas behind their teachings. Andres learned how to harness the power of the mind to be, do, and achieve anything from these two great teachers, so it is a dream come true for Andres to meet and thank them for inspiring him.

Andres talks about how he let life happen to him back in Stockholm when he was a kid with no education and no hope. He tells us what led to him buying a one-way ticket to Thailand all alone with just $100 in his pocket. After getting a job and living day-by-day and spending all his money, he was on a downward spiral until he became homeless.

After asking a friend for help, Andres was sent a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Setting out to disprove the ideas he read about, Andres discovered the secrets to success, which he shares in his book, “От Бездомного до Миллиардера - 18 Принципов Привлечения Благосостояния и Создания Неограниченных Возможностей”.

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