В этом семинаре События успеха 2018, чемпион по боксу в супертяжелом весе Майк Тайсон присоединяется к генеральному директору компании Blue Horizon и автору книги "От Бездомного до Миллиардера - 18 Принципов Привлечения Благосостояния и Создания Неограниченных Возможностей", Андресу Пира.

Майк Тайсон находится здесь, в Бангкоке, чтобы рассказать свою историю в надежде, что она даст совет или станет источником вдохновения для всех, кто заинтересован.

Mike Tyson and Andres Pira discuss how Mike started boxing at just 12 years old and became the heavyweight champion of the world at 20 years old.

Andres and Mike talk about the importance of effort in achieving your goals. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t come if you just sit and wait for it. Both Andres and Mike agree that motivation is one of the keys to success and to accomplish your dreams, it is important to visualize exactly what you want and to set a goal.

After his first real taste of success at 14, when he won the amateur world junior championship, Mike Tyson began to really believe that he could achieve his goal of becoming the world champion. It’s hard to believe, but even Mike Tyson felt afraid before a fight.

He tells us about how we have to believe in ourselves, have confidence and conquer our fears. This is what will help us to win in life, as he did, becoming a successful fighter, actor, businessman, and author. His advice for those who are battling failure is to not be discouraged and to have confidence because confidence breeds success.

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