Gratitude Practice: How to be Grateful for What You Have

Gratitude is a powerful concept advocated by many successful people in the world. Remembering to focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have, is the key to gratitude. You’ll be surprised how much you have to be grateful for once you make this mental switch.

It’s easy to show how grateful we are, whether it takes the form of a tip when we are out at a restaurant or a verbal expression of gratitude. It can also be a willingness to help others or to repay someone’s kindness. Showing gratitude can be as simple as a heartfelt handwritten letter or a phone call. Or it can be as significant as rewarding a coworker with a meal or a trip for their dedication and hard work. Gratitude can take many forms, but it can be effortless. It only takes 2 seconds to say, “thank you” and to truly mean it.

If you want to be more grateful for what you have, you can do this practice as a starting point.

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Gratitude Practice

Choose a time at the end of each day to spend ten minutes practicing gratitude. It is essential to do this at the end of the day so you can reflect on the day that has passed, experience gratitude, and go to sleep with positive thoughts that can seep into your subconscious.

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Being Grateful Leads to Success

1. Thinking Time

Spend time thinking about your day’s events, your feelings toward them, and what tomorrow holds for you.

2. Focus

Begin by focusing on small things that you can be thankful for, like finding a good parking spot at the grocery store, being able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, someone holding the door open for you, or even that you went to the gym and worked out.

3. Verbalize

As you become aware of all the little things you are grateful for, start to verbalize them. For example, by saying, “I am grateful for the person who showed me kindness when holding the door open for me. I am grateful that the person saw me as deserving of kindness. I am grateful that I had the willpower to go to the gym today and take care of my health and body. I am grateful for the energy to work out and thankful that I am focusing on my health so I can live my best life.”

4. Bigger Things

Next, spend time focusing on bigger things you are grateful for, Perhaps a special relationship, a major business deal, the chance to travel, a positive health diagnosis, your children, or a new opportunity.

5. Say Thanks

As you become aware of all the significant things you are grateful for, start to verbalize them. For instance, you can say, “I am grateful for my significant other and how I can express love and receive love from this person. I am thankful that this person sees the best in me so I can also see the best in me. I am grateful for this business deal and how rewarding it feels to be able to provide new opportunities for my company, coworkers, and clients. I’m thankful that my coworkers share my vision and help me to lead them so that we can all prosper together.”

6. Review

Finally, review your gratitude and ask the universe to acknowledge your appreciation for both small and big things. Spend a few moments thinking about how you feel after expressing what you are grateful for.

When you practice being grateful every day, whether you reflect privately during meditation or you’re expressing personal thanks to those who have shown you kindness, in return, the universe will give you more things to be thankful for. The universe will recognize that you are sincerely grateful for what life has given you, whether you are rich or poor, and will continue to provide you with positive things. When we realize everything we can be grateful for in our lives, our bodies fill with peace, contentment, and happiness for what we have. We stop thinking about what we don’t have and become satisfied with our lives. When we practice gratitude, we can let go and relax in the here and now. We can go about our days in a calm, grateful, happy mood. The universe recognizes the positive feelings radiating from you and brings more of those feelings into your life, which will continue to allow you to feel grateful. It is like a circle of positivity.

The basic principle is: Be thankful for all the things you have in life, no matter how big or small, and be open to receiving and being grateful.

Are you ready to be grateful? Let’s do it!

-Andres Pira

About Andres Pira – philanthropist, real estate tycoon, author, speaker, and global citizen. Andres Pira enjoys living in Thailand, where his journey began from ไม่มีที่อยู่อาศัยให้กับมหาเศรษฐี.

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