Why It’s Important for Companies to Celebrate Success

Before I arrived in Thailand, I remember mostly darkness. I tried to leave my gang family to do a job that was supposed to put me on the right path. I left the comfort of the streets I knew, the camaraderie, the feeling of being a part of something—even if it was the wrong thing. On the streets, when I would win a fight, my street family would be excited for me. I felt the impact I had on the streets, and it came back to me in positive vibrations. This is one reason why I was loyal to my gang life for so long, although it almost killed me.

In Stockholm

In Stockholm, sitting at my desk at the telemarketing firm, surrounded by other people, I felt alone and worthless. Whenever I closed a sale, someone else was always praised for closing a more significant sale. The bonuses went to the top closers, and the rest of us went unrecognized. In that company, the best ones were praised and the worst ones were asked to leave, while the rest of us in the middle were invisible.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire




I hated that telemarketing job so much that I wouldn’t show up to work on time. Eventually, the company let me go. I ended up feeling extremely paranoid. Was this job responsible for my anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation? No, ultimately that was on me. However, was the job responsible for making me feel invisible, unimportant, and replaceable?

With Nineteen Companies

With nineteen companies and hundreds of employees in all different types of businesses from real estate to gyms to coffee shops, I have experienced immense success. A large part of that success is building teams that always feel seen, heard, and irreplaceable.

In that telemarketing office, the awards went to individuals. This was the employee of the month or the person with the top sales figures. This rewards system always struck me as demotivating. The company only valued the employees who were continually winning. There were no team achievements nor acknowledgment for the employees who supported the top salespeople in achieving what they did. I watched good people quit, and many, like me, became isolated and performed at lower levels. The only thing I learned from that job was that teams matter and employees deserve to be recognized.

Andres Pira: Homeless to Billionaire





Create great teamwork by organizing outings for your employees. For every victory, let there be a celebration. Whenever my sales team breaks a record or hits targets, we celebrate. We plan an outing together as a team and enjoy our moments of victory and teamwork. Great feelings of accomplishment overcome the team members. Then they realize that it’s much more fun and productive to celebrate success with others than alone. I implore employees to celebrate and be happy when they hear of others’ accomplishments, even if they see them as rivals.

In 2016, my sales team and I broke a long-lasting sales record we had been trying to break for almost two years. Upon that accomplishment, I invited the whole sales team to climb to the top of one of Southeast Asia’s highest active volcanos. Our spirits filled with joy, relief, and happiness. We bonded after that four-day extreme summit. We shared tents, sat around campfires, and shared stories about ourselves. Our teams then became so caring and helpful toward one another, that they started surpassing previous records and revenues.

Taking the time to recognize success will immediately boost positivity and vanquish negativity. You may not want to throw a party for every single accomplishment, but at least acknowledge it, appreciate every single member of the team that was responsible for the accomplishment, and smile about it!

-Andres Pira

About Andres Pira – philanthropist, real estate tycoon, author, speaker, and global citizen. Andres Pira enjoys living in Thailand, where his journey began from ไม่มีที่อยู่อาศัยให้กับมหาเศรษฐี.

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