From Homeless to Billionaire: Meet Real Estate Tycoon, Andres Pira

จากคนไร้บ้านไปจนถึงมหาเศรษฐี พบกับผู้ประกอบการด้านอสังหาริมทรัพย์ Andres Pira


SEEKING an exotic refuge, serial entrepreneur and real-estate guru Andres Pira, chose the tropical paradise of Phuket as his recluse. Beautiful beaches and the impeccable Thai hospitality have proven too good to resist. And within the Land of Smiles, the story of a once homeless man who became a billionaire unfolds. This is the journey of a low-key 35-year-old billionaire, Andres Pira, founder of 19 companies, with 249 employees and plenty of advice to give.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Andres has always dreamt of living in a sunny abode. He was unhappy and his life was going nowhere. In an unfortunate turn of events, his grandfather died and left him $2,000 inheritance which he used to buy a flight ticket to Asia. After arriving in Thailand at the age of 20, he never left.

Thailand hasn’t been easy on Andres. With no contacts, jobs, or knowledge of Thai language, he quickly ran out of funds and became homeless. Too embarrassed to request help from his family, he slept his life away on the beach of Phuket and was down to his last $100. Desperate and hungry, he asked a friend for help. That friend answered, “I won’t give you any money, but I’ll give you a book that might help.” A little upset from the response, on an empty-stomach Andres read the book ‘The Secret’. From that moment on, his life completely changed thanks to ‘The Law of Attraction’.

He landed a job handing out brochures for a real estate developer. Within one year, he was promoted to a sales agent, sales manager, and finally sales director. Within three years, he excelled in real estate sales and harvested several property investors who believed in his vision and ambitions. This led to his first investor funded property development.

In June 2017, Blue Horizon Developments, Phuket-based Developer, was named ‘Top Thai Property Developer’ and ‘New Hotel Construction & Design’ by Asia Pacific Property Awards 2017-2018.

In July 2017, Blue Horizon Developments ​​collected three awards,
‘Best Developer’, ‘Best Mixed-Use Development’, and ‘Best Mid-range Condo Development Phuket’ for their B850 million Grand
Himalai Project at the inaugural awards ceremony by Thailand Property and Dot Property Group. Blue Horizon’s group of the
portfolio includes award-winning The Beach Front, Skylight Villas, Signature Villas, and Himalai Oceanfront Condominium. Andres Pira and his group of companies are worth approximately B1.8 Billion.

What do you want to say to other expats who come to Thailand?
Using The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, my determination to achieve became endless. I’m not any different to anyone else. If someone else can do it, you can too. What do you possibly have to lose when you’re only changing the way you see, want, or think?

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Establishing Blue Horizon Development and having an awesome team. We’re building Phuket’s biggest resort yet, a 774-unit Heaven resort. It’s an exciting project!

Tell us about your book, ‘From Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Secrets of Attracting Great Wealth and Becoming a Money Magnet’
I had an event with one of my leading mentors and a contributor to my upcoming self-help publication, Dr Joe Vitale – The Secret & The Law of Attraction Expert. I’ve been poor, and now I am financially comfortable. The only difference between rich and poor is the mindset. So I thought, who better to learn from than a homeless person that became a billionaire by using the techniques and mindset of the wealthy?

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