Homeless to Billionaire Kindle eBook

20 years old, homeless and sleeping on the beach, Andres Pira asked to borrow some money for lunch. But instead of a cash donation, he was handed a book and it changed everything…

We’ve all have been there — sitting alone wondering where our life is taking us or if it will be enough. With Andres Pira’s, Homeless to Billionaire hardcover book, you can learn how he turned his life around from zero to hero.

Apply his 18 Principles Of Wealth Attraction and start getting everything you want from life. Download the full book today!

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Snoop Dogg

“Andres’ got a real story y’all going from nothing to a billionaire. I wanna give you congratulations on never giving up and going on to build your own real-estate empire and your passion of helping other people.”


“People who want proof that your mind can create reality need to read this inspiring book”


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