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What’s the last thing you did to help someone in need? How did you feel about it and did you expect something back?

In this video, Andres Pira talks about vibrational giving, something that he strongly believes in and practices. You must have heard the phrase, “What goes around, comes around.”

Do you want to live your dreams? Then, watch this short, animated video and let Andres Pira tell you how! 

Learn about the power of positive visualization from Andres, as he tells you how you can find your passion and direction in life.

Hear from Andres himself about how he changed his life.

“Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity” is here!

Andres Pira launches the book that guides readers in changing their lives for the better by taking the same steps that he took to change his life from homelessness to success.

Adam Witty, CEO of Forbes Books interviews Andres Pira, CEO of Blue Horizon Developments and the new ForbesBooks author of “Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity.”

In this interview, Andres tells Adam why he makes his employees jump out of airplanes and see goals in full-color detail.

In Success Events, the Missing Secrets to Success, CEO of Blue Horizon Thailand, Andres Pira tells us about his secrets to success. 

Andres shares how he went from being homeless on the beaches of Thailand to successful real estate developer, entrepreneur, and business mogul with 20 companies and over 250 employees.

When Andres Pira was 14 years old, he left school and lost hope.

After traveling to Thailand with just $100 in his pocket and taking a downward spiral living a day by day existence, he heard a loud knock on the door at 6 am one morning.

It was the police, who’d come to evict him for not paying his rent.

In this Success Events 2018 seminar, heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson joins CEO of Blue Horizon and author of “Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity”, Andres Pira.

Mike Tyson is here in Bangkok to tell his story and provide inspiration for anyone interested.

Take a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at Success Events 2018, a series of seminars led by CEO of Blue Horizon Thailand, Andres Pira.

Success Events brings together celebrities, life coaches, and mentors who share their secrets to success.

Success Events 2018 Gala Dinner with Andres Pira, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and more.

Success Events holds a celebratory Gala Dinner to celebrate success stories and mentorship.

Get a sneak preview of the celebrities and inspirational mentors who have joined billionaire mogul, Andres Pira on stage.

In this Success Events video, Andres Pira, founder of Success Events and CEO of Blue Horizon Developments talks about success and the law of attraction with the legendary football player, Ronaldinho, one of Andres’ most loved football players who has played for world-famous clubs, including AC Milan, Barcelona, and PSG.

Get to explore the missing secrets to success to change your life for the better!

Andres Pira, the founder of Success Events, CEO of Blue Horizon Developments, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of “Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity”, leads this 2-day seminar.

In this Success Event, world champion heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson shares his secrets to success with Andres Pira, founder of Success Events, CEO of Blue Horizon Developments, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of “Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity”.

In this video, “Homeless to Billionaire” author Andres Pira talks about his book and upcoming December event in Bangkok where Mike Tyson will join him to share his secrets of success.

Andres discusses why the legendary heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson inspires him. Andres took years of dedication to be where he is now.

The opening of Ramada Plaza’s Grand Himalai Oceanfront Residences is here! These award-winning condominiums by Blue Horizon Developments offer 5-star luxury living in Millionaire’s Mile, Kamala Beach, Phuket, an idyllic area based around a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay where all the best 5-star resorts, restaurants, and clubs of Phuket can be found.

Success Events 2018 presents Andres Pira, a man who firmly believes that if he can go from being homeless to being a billionaire real estate developer and entrepreneur with 20 companies, then anyone else can achieve their dreams, too.

Not everyone is able to find the secret to achieving success, but there is always a way.

Blue Horizon Developments scores gold at Asia Property Awards!

Take a tour of Blue Horizon Developments’ Headquarters in Phuket, Thailand, guided by founder and CEO, Andres Pira.

In the video Andres showcases Signature Villas, The Beachfront Phuket, and Grand Himalai Oceanfront Residences.

CEO of Blue Horizon Developments, Andres Pira embraces the opportunity to give back and provide some inspiration and motivation for those just starting out.

In this video, he shares some advice with Bangkok School of Management students in this keynote speech.

Andres Pira, CEO of Blue Horizon Developments take us on an exclusive tour of his luxury yacht in Phuket, Thailand. 35-year-old real estate tycoon, Andres Pira want to share his passion for Phuket with you in this all-access tour.

In this video, motivational speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy talks to founder and CEO of Blue Horizon Developments, Andres Pira about his secrets of success. 

Brian Tracy has lived in Bangkok and traveled all over Thailand and Southeast Asia. Since then, he has given over 5000 seminars and workshops all over the world.

Thailand’s celebrity MC and chat show host, DJ PK talks about why Success Events 2018 is exciting and how Andres Pira and the other success coaches, such as Dr. Joe Vitale inspire him.

TV personality and DJ Piyawat Kempetch is a successful Thai DJ, best known for his radio show, Chill FM 89. He’s known all over Thailand simply as “PK”.

Uneducated and dissatisfied with his life in Sweden, Andres Pira flew to Thailand with only $100 in his pocket and descended into the world of partying.

Unable to pay his rent, he was soon evicted by the police and ended up homeless on the white sand beaches of Phuket.

In this Money Property interview, the founder and CEO of Blue Horizon Developments, Andres Pira talks about the difference between the person he is now and who he was twenty years ago.

He mentions that twenty years ago, he lacked ambition and motivation, and thought that life was something that just happened to him.

Former Miss Universe, empowerment coach, and good friend of Andres Pira, Natalie Glebova talks to Andres about Success Events.

Natalie talks about how she was inspired by Andres’ Homeless to Billionaire story and how she admires how down-to-earth Andres is and his passion for helping others to bring success to their own lives.

Metaphysician, bestselling author, public speaker, success coach, and Law of Attraction expert, Dr. Joe Vitale talks about co-authoring Andres Pira’s inspirational life story, “Homeless to Billionaire”.

Dr. Joe Vitale tells us how he was inspired by Andres’ story when they met and how he traveled to Thailand and got to know Andres and his family.

Thailand’s leading actress, PU Praya Lundberg shares her experience of working with Andres Pira, founder and CEO of Blue Horizon Developments and talks about how Andres inspires her.

PU Praya Lundberg joined the Success Events team, an international team of success coaches who make it their mission to empower others.

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