Andres Pira Forbes Author, Entrepreneur, & Phuket Real Estate Tycoon

In this video, “Homeless to Billionaire” author Andres Pira talks about his book and upcoming December event in Bangkok where Mike Tyson will join him to share his secrets of success.

Andres discusses why the legendary heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson inspires him. Andres took years of dedication to be where he is now, and like Andres, Mike Tyson also spend many years training and focusing his mind on achieving his dreams. Andres invites Mike Tyson to be his featured speaker at Success Events, so that he can to share his story with others.

We can learn from him and develop our own success. Andres gets Mike Tyson onstage to tell us all about why he did what he did, how he did it, all about his mindset, his battles, his failures, successes and what he has learned from it all. Check out Success Events with Andres Pira to learn how to create unlimited opportunities!

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